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With so many different treatment options, deciding what is best for you, your clients, or loved ones is hard. DDN is an independent DDN Guide to Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatmentmagazine and would are not affiliated to any particular treatment centre.

We hope that the listings and information in the DDN Routes to Rehab will help make the decision.

Below is some more information on some of the centres featured in the guide.

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Residential Addiction Treatment from Gloucester House

Whether you’re tired of the lifestyle of addiction or have reached a point of desperation, Gloucester House offers an opportunity to build a whole new sense of self based around the 12-step philosophy.

Residential Addiction Treatment from Hebron Trust

Hebron Trust offers a safe, nurturing and supportive community environment where clients can rehabilitate from drug and alcohol dependency and their associated problems.

Residential Detox and Therapeutic Treatment for Addiction at Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge delivers every client a structured, integrated, abstinence-based treatment experience for addiction to enable them to achieve a long-term recovery.

Bosence farm residential addiction treatment

At Bosence we offer detox, 12-step based rehab and stabilisation to people aged 18 or over who need drug or alcohol treatment.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment from ANA Treatment

Since 1998 ANA Treatment centres have provided detoxification and treatment for drug and alcohol dependency

Kenward Trust Residential Treatment

The staff at Kenward Trust are dedicated to helping their residents transform their lives from the misery of addiction, homelessness and crime.

Pavilion Residential Drug Treatment

The Pavilion is a stunning residential drug and alcohol treatment centre situated in picturesque private grounds just outside Lancaster.

Phoenix Futures residential drug treatment

This year we celebrate 50 years of life-changing work, marking this milestone offered us the opportunity to reflect on the impact that Phoenix has had on thousands of people’s lives.

Dayhab drug Treatment from Help Me Stop

A new Dayhab treatment centre sets out to make recovery available to everyone who needs it.

Residential Drug Treatment from Promis

Promis residential drug treatment offers intensive, expert and personally tailored therapy in unbeatable urban and rural settings.

Residential Drug Treatment from Sefton Park

Sefton Park is a residential addictions treatment centre located by the beach in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare celebrating 25 years of helping people become free from addiction.

Residential Drug Treatment from Equinox Care

Equinox's residential alcohol treatment service staff at Aspinden Wood are on a mission to make sure every resident becomes stronger, happier and healthier.

Brynawel residential drug and alcohol treatment service

Having chosen recovery over dependency, how do you go about choosing the right rehabilitation centre? David Richards takes you through the wide range of options at Brynawel Rehab

Residential Drug Treatment from Turning Point

How a unique partnership between Turning Point and Community Rail Cumbria is transforming the lives of service users...

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment from Choices

Hannah Shead, CEO of Trevi House and Chair of Choices Rehabs, talks about how to get help when sourcing residential treatment..