Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment from ANA Treatment

ANA provide detoxification and treatment for drug and alcohol dependency

Since ANA was founded by Libby and Christopher Reid in 1998 the organisation has expanded to offer 41 beds, primary and secondary treatment, detox, aftercare, family and carers groups and training.

ANA Treatment Clients

As well as abstinence based programmes of 4,6,8,10 or 12 weeks, ANA offers individually tailored detox programmes. The aim is to help clients rebuild their lives, build confidence and believe that they can live a healthy and productive life.

ANA Treatment 2nd stage
ANA views Secondary Treatment as applying the tools learned in primary treatment and developing them into strategies for lifelong living and abstinence.

ANA’s programme is modular, flexible and increases levels of choice and opportunity for personal development as clients progress, with the full recognition that everyone has different needs and will have a different journey from treatment into recovery.

Recovery is something that ANA facilitates through support and respect, working in full collaboration with our clients. Care planning, group work and one to one sessions with a key worker are all essential components, alongside a life skills programme, women and men’s groups and alternative therapies. Our programme combines the philosophies of cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT) with 12-step, and is non-denominational in nature. In this way we work with hearts and minds.

ANA runs its primary treatment from Fleming House in Farlington and secondary treatment from Lyle House in Southsea, a configuration that allows clients to gradually experience life without alcohol or drugs in an everyday setting that is proactively managed in order to fully protect them at all times. ANA welcomes clients from all walks of life.ANA Treatment Centre

ANA offers detoxification programmes from ten to 28 days, addiction treatment of four to 12 weeks, and abstinence-based primary treatment programmes for alcohol and drugs. Programmes are also available for people who have graduated from primary treatment with another provider, or who simply require the services offered in our secondary stage.


‘My Journey through ANA was a lifesaving experience, one that I will never forget. I did 3 months in ANA secondary and I can honestly say it had the biggest impact on my life, in more ways than one.’ Read Sophia’s story here

‘After years of being addicted to class A drugs, street homeless, countless hospital admissions, jail, lost and broken I was given the opportunity that would change my life.’ Read Harley’s story here

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To find out more about ANA Treatment and the services we provide give us a ring on 02392 373 433 or visit our website