Residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment from Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is a centre of excellence for alcohol treatment, providing a safe, supportive, therapeutic and non-judgemental environment for men and women with serious alcohol problems who see abstinence as the way forward.

Mount Carmel RehabAn 18-bedroom residential treatment centre in South London, we also offer day programmes and detox management. We take great pride in our quality of care, and our many successful clients not only stop drinking but change their lives forever. And all at very affordable prices for both private and public funders.

With more than 30 years experience of providing alcohol treatment, we also address addictions such as drugs, food, gambling and exercise and can provide specialist mental health treatment. But, whatever their other issues, all our clients have alcohol as their primary addiction. This means clients identify with each other around a shared core problem, as well as how to achieve lifelong abstinent recovery.

All Mount Carmel residents are treated as individuals, with everyone – both staff and peers – committed to your recovery. We are inclusive of everyone, and we won’t give up on you. We have helped hundreds of our clients into recovery and we can help you too.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

‘Too many Londoners have their lives ruined by alcohol dependency. It’s not just the individual drinker but also their family, friends and communities that suffer. I know from my experience as a local MP of the important work Mount Carmel does in helping people recover. Effective, accessible and affordable rehabilitation is vital.’ Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Mount Carmel provides affordable, value for money treatment – with a proven treatment programme, support throughout treatment, and free aftercare. This combined with very affordable prices, adds up to excellent value for money for clients and Local Authorities.  

So take that step towards your new sober life by calling us on 020 8769 7674, or visit

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