Treating addiction and transforming lives at Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge is one of the leading and most respected abstinence-based addiction treatment centres in the UK.

Since 1974, our multidisciplinary team have helped to transform the lives of thousands of people, supporting them in their recovery from addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex and gaming.

We know that rehab is not somewhere you or your loved one had in mind when growing up. But we also know that it’s the best way to get your life back. At Broadway Lodge we want to make sure that you not only get the best help, but that you maintain your recovery for the rest of your life.

Broadway Entrance hall
Entrance hall

Staying at Broadway Lodge

• Compassionate, person-centred, 12-step residential treatment centre located near the coast in North Somerset.
• Treatment for addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and gaming.
• 24/7 medical support. The team includes registered general nurses, registered mental health nurses and a consultant psychiatrist.
• Medically managed detoxification.
• Comprehensive daily therapeutic programme with counsellors available on site 9am-9pm weekdays and 8am-5pm at weekends.
• Holistic and specialist treatments including Reiki, massage, EMDR and hypnotherapy.
• Fast track admission for private stays.
• All main meals prepared by our chef.
• Support for relatives and loved ones.

Broadway Single occupancy en-suite bedroom
Single occupancy en-suite bedroom

We have 13 private, single occupancy bedrooms (many of which have an en-suite), as well as bedrooms with two or four beds that are shared with same sex clients. Addiction is an isolating illness so sharing a bedroom provides you with valuable 24/7 peer support which is a beneficial part of the treatment process. We understand the reservations that can be felt about the prospect of sharing but we often find these feelings soon disappear as highly supportive relationships are built. However, we are able to provide a single room if available.


Broadway Gordon Beard Unit
Gordon Beard Unit

Our Gordon Beard Unit (situated next to our main house) is where you will stay if you are having a medically managed detox with us. During your detox, you will be cared for 24/7 by our experienced team of specialist nurses and health care assistants. The five bedrooms in the Gordon Beard Unit are twin occupancy (with en-suite), and may be shared with same-sex peers.

Your tailored recovery plan
As soon as you’re in treatment, we will work with you to develop an individual plan of care which identifies any personal needs and is constantly reviewed as you progress through treatment.

Broadway Lounge & dining space
Lounge & dining space

Group therapy sessions take place at least once a day, every day. You will also work on written assignments designed to help you explore your addiction triggers, access your assets and develop greater self understanding.

Psycho-educational lectures and workshops on particular topics are held regularly. Relaxation, mindfulness meditation classes and stress management sessions form part of the weekly programme and Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Reflexology, massage, Reiki and Auricular Acupuncture are also available. You will also attend Fellowship meetings during your treatment programme.

Let’s talk about recovery
We know that the prospect of going to rehab can feel daunting. But we understand addiction and how to treat it. We’re here to work with you so that you can leave with the tools to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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