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Partner Updates

“This place has saved my life and given me a new...

The pioneering work of Change Grow Live's Wirral Ways to Recovery Service has been featured in a new BBC documentary. Staff, volunteers, peer mentors and...

Mental health first aider provision at Turning Point

Mandie Doan, Strategic HR Business Partner at Turning Point, discusses the recent implementation of MHFA provision at the organisation. Why did Turning Point decide to...

SIG peer mentors volunteer at Happy Pants

Peer mentors from SIG Pathways recently volunteered at Happy Pants Animal Rescue, to demonstrate the kind of community projects clients can get involved in. The...

Recent Posts

Better training needed for emergency call handlers around overdose, says SDF

Emergency call handlers need better training around dealing with overdose situations, according to a new report from the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF). Some call...

White paper will set out new sanctions for drugs offences, says...

The government has reignited the controversy around punishments for ‘middle class cocaine users’ with the announcement that a forthcoming white paper will set out...

Scotland sees fall in injecting levels

The percentage of people assessed for drug treatment in Scotland who report that they are currently injecting is now 9 per cent, according to...

UK’s drug prevention activity ineffective, says ACMD

Despite ‘reasonably good evidence of what works’, the UK lacks a functioning drug prevention system, according to a new report from ACMD – with...

US drug deaths up by 15 per cent

The number of fatalities in America’s ongoing drug-death crisis increased by 15 per cent in 2021, according to provisional figures from the Centers for...

Sadiq Khan launches drugs commission for London

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced a London Drugs Commission to look at the effectiveness of cannabis legislation, the mayor’s office has announced....

Rehab Spotlights

Residential Addiction Treatment from Gloucester House

Whether you’re tired of the lifestyle of addiction or have reached a point of desperation, Gloucester House offers an opportunity to build a whole new sense of self based around the 12-step philosophy.

Brynawel residential drug and alcohol treatment service

Having chosen recovery over dependency, how do you go about choosing the right rehabilitation centre? David Richards takes you through the wide range of options at Brynawel Rehab

Kenward Trust Residential Treatment

The staff at Kenward Trust are dedicated to helping their residents transform their lives from the misery of addiction, homelessness and crime.