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Partner Updates

WDP responds to new commissioning quality standards

WDP has welcomed the publication of a national adult drug and alcohol treatment commissioning quality standard by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities...

MoJ & NHS England come out in support of prison recovery...

The Forward Trust's Mike Trace discusses the Ministry of Justice's plan to support prison recovery wings across England and Wales. Following a decade of decline,...

Furry & Friendly Fun at Bridge House

The Service Manager at SIG Bridge House, Alex Sinclair, arranged for Ark Farm to hold an indoor furry and friendly experience for the mums...

Recent Posts

Two thirds believe government’s drug policy not working

Two thirds of British adults think the government is doing too little to tackle addiction issues in the UK, according to a survey of...

Scottish alcohol deaths at highest level for 13 years

There were 1,245 deaths from ‘conditions caused by alcohol’ in Scotland last year, according to the latest National Records of Scotland (NRS) statistics –...

Another record year for England and Wales drug deaths

There were 4,859 deaths related to drug poisoning registered in England and Wales last year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) – the...

Scotland sees slight fall in drug-related deaths

There were 1,330 drug-related deaths in Scotland last year, according to the latest figures from National Records of Scotland (NRS), a 1 per cent...

Government rolls out drug recovery wings

The government is to roll out ‘up to’ 18 new drug recovery wings in prisons across England and Wales by 2025, it has announced,...

Pandemic drinking patterns will ‘cast long shadow’ on health, say two...

Heavier drinking patterns that started during the COVID lockdowns could lead to 25,000 additional deaths and more than 970,000 hospital admissions over the next...

Rehab Spotlights

Residential Detox and Therapeutic Treatment for Addiction at Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge delivers every client a structured, integrated, abstinence-based treatment experience for addiction to enable them to achieve a long-term recovery.

Kenward Trust Residential Treatment

The staff at Kenward Trust are dedicated to helping their residents transform their lives from the misery of addiction, homelessness and crime.

Dayhab drug Treatment from Help Me Stop

A new Dayhab treatment centre sets out to make recovery available to everyone who needs it.