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Partner Updates

The comprehensive spending review: a substance misuse perspective

Natalie Travis, National Head of Service Public Health & Substance Misuse at Turning Point, looks at how the Comprehensive Spending Review will impact substance...
CGL hepatitis C

A ground-breaking approach to hepatitis C in North Yorkshire and Humber

As part of the NHS’s goal to eliminate hepatitis C as a major health concern in England, Change Grow Live is leading a ground-breaking new approach to treatment...
SEND Coffee

WDP and SEND Coffee partner up to help rough sleepers

WDP has teamed up with SEND Coffee, a not-for-profit organisation that hires and helps people with special needs or disabilities into jobs in the...

Recent Posts

People with substance issues ‘may be at higher risk’ of COVID

The risk of ‘SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection’ (COVID-19) among fully vaccinated people may be higher for ‘people who misuse substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana...

First safe injection facilities in US open in New York

Two safe injection sites have begun operating in New York City, the city’s mayor and health department have announced – the first publicly recognised facilities...

Gambling treatment shows improvement for most people

More than 90 per cent of people who complete gambling treatment show an improvement in their condition, according to the 2020-21 statistics from the...

‘Constant bombardment’ of alcohol ads threatens people in recovery

The ‘constant bombardment’ of alcohol adverts, particularly over Christmas and during major sporting events, makes it difficult for people in recovery ‘to fully participate...

Deaths in treatment up by almost 30 per cent

Almost 3,800 people died while in contact with drug and alcohol treatment services in 2020-21, according to statistics from the Office for Health Improvement...

People in need of residential treatment being failed, says Phoenix

The system that enables access to residential rehab ‘isn’t working’, says a new report from Phoenix Futures. Although residential treatment is now being delivered...

Rehab Spotlights

Phoenix Futures residential drug treatment

This year we celebrate 50 years of life-changing work, marking this milestone offered us the opportunity to reflect on the impact that Phoenix has had on thousands of people’s lives.

Residential Detox and Therapeutic Treatment for Addiction at Broadway Lodge

Broadway Lodge delivers every client a structured, integrated, abstinence-based treatment experience for addiction to enable them to achieve a long-term recovery.

Residential Drug Treatment from Promis

Promis residential drug treatment offers intensive, expert and personally tailored therapy in unbeatable urban and rural settings.