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Rehab Guide Editorials

Below are some of the editorials from Routes to Recovery, the DDN Residential drug treatment guide 2019.

Find out more about some of the leading drug and alcohol rehabs and the services they offer. This can help you decide the best treatment centre for you.

You can view them below, but they are best read in the context of the magazine here.

Residential Drug Treatment – Home or away?

Counselling and intensive support from a qualified team of professionals is an extremely important part of the rehabilitation process, from the minute you step through the door.

Residential Drug Treatment – Family Ties

Families and friends of those affected by addiction can suffer a great deal of stress, often worrying that they are responsible for the problem and not feeling equipped to react to the situation.

Residential Drug Treatment beginning the journey

There are many varied options for residential rehabilitation treatment (‘rehab’), throughout the UK and abroad, providing a complete journey from onsite detox to an aftercare stage in supported housing.

Residential Drug Treatment – Routes to funding

UK residents can apply through the NHS for community-based and private rehab. Alternatively, if you have the funds available or have private health insurance, you can access treatment privately.