Residential Drug Treatment beginning the journey

The many options on rehab mean you can find somewhere that will suit your needs and preferences

There are many varied options for residential rehabilitation treatment (‘rehab’), throughout the UK and abroad. Some are registered charities and provide treatment, counselling and support. Others provide a complete journey from onsite detox to an aftercare stage in supported housing.

Addictions treated in these settings include drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders and self-harm.

The abstinence-based programmes might follow the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, or one-to-one therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Many increasingly offer options such as equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) or creative therapies.

A placement in residential rehab can vary in length from four to 12 weeks of intensive support. Some patients receive funding through the NHS or local authorities; others fund themselves privately or through medical insurance.


Personal Story

Fresh out of detox, Wayne was given three options by the drug and alcohol team who sorted out his funding. His struggle was with alcohol and he had ‘died from it twice’.

‘They gave me five days to live, it was my last chance,’ he says. ‘I tried to do it my way and couldn’t.’ He chose Kenward, as it was ‘right in the middle of nowhere, with a long walk to the shops… You’ve got a long time to think what you’re doing. When I arrived, I wanted to get back out drinking again, but I forced myself to stay there – and I’m glad I did.’

Man having been through drug and alcohol residential treatment



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