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DDN Magazine July/August 2019

Facing the facts It's time to challenge stigmatising language on social media Back in 2010, the UK Drug Policy Commission analysed newspaper coverage and produced a...

DDN Magazine September 2019

Harm reduction is not the preserve of one community September is a glorious opportunity to celebrate recovery month and we’re delighted to hear about the...

DDN Magazine October 2019

More than my past For a long time now we’ve been involved in initiatives to help remove barriers for those seeking to get back into...

DDN Magazine November 2019

‘We loved becoming the new forum for debate’ FIFTEEN YEARS AGO we published our first issue of DDN. I interviewed the drugs minister Caroline Flint, who...

DDN Magazine December 2019

‘Connecting can revise our response to a world gone mad’ THIS MONTH’S ISSUE went to press on polling day, and we brace ourselves for the...

DDN February 2019

‘We need to challenge the narrative on homelessness’ The rising rate of homelessness in this country is a scandal that shames our society. Furthermore, we...

DDN March 2019

Speakers at the DDN conference embraced the theme ‘Keep on Moving’. What came out very strongly was that we need to take others along...