DDN Magazine October 2019

More than my past

For a long time now we’ve been involved in initiatives to help remove barriers for those seeking to get back into work (page 6 and page 12). Remember the UKDPC’s work on tackling stigma and getting people who have used drugs back into employment? Remember the old heated debates in DDN about the ‘two-year rule’ used by some employers to demand ‘clean’ time before people could be considered for a job? Several years ago we were involved in a recovery conference, where we invited senior staff from large organisations to outline their policies for supporting people with criminal records to begin a career with them.

But have we moved on at all? The prison door revolves as much as ever and with the exception of a few shining examples in the Timpson mould, most employers have become even more risk averse, refusing to look at the opportunities for them in unleashing the talent and skills of people who would offer so much valuable experience in return for a foothold. Let’s hope that Forward Trust’s campaign continues to gain traction as the voices of its participants get louder. It’s much needed, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, the political situation gives little confidence to anyone – least of all those who have cause to worry that their health may be further compromised and their stability challenged in the days ahead. Nick Goldstein turns over a worrying scenario on page 8. Can we hope to be any the wiser in a few weeks? It’s anyone’s guess. Let us know how you are weathering the uncertainty.

Claire Brown, editor

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Claire Brown, editor

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