DDN April issue

DDN April 2019

‘Recovery is not just an issue of personal motivation, but is also about acceptance.’ Our cover story (page 6) examines the thought that recovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum but can thrive with community support.

How often do we focus solely on the individual – their medication, their state of mind, their ‘readiness’ to take the step to sobriety? The inclusive cities model looks at the great potential of harnessing the power of communities. It also examines the difficulties of negative community influence – the barriers created by exclusion and stigma.

The divide between those inside and outside recovery becomes even more stark when we look at our success rate with treatment for women. Drug-related death rates among women are the highest since records began, and what are we doing about it? Do we know why women aren’t accessing treatment? Do we understand the barriers that are preventing many women from seeking help? Do we take account of the fear that drives women to try to hide their personal crisis from anyone in ‘authority’?

Read our article on page 8 and consider whether service provision in your area is reaching out to women’s needs – and let us know if you have ideas to share. As the parliamentary group speakers stated very clearly, we need to do a lot more – starting with demanding more from each other as treatment providers.

  • Also with this month’s issue, you’ll find Routes to Recovery, our latest residential rehab guide. We hope you’ll find it useful when looking for the absolutely right option for your clients.

Claire Brown, editor

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