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Through this guide we aim to provide information on the available services to help you make that choice. 

DDN Rehab guide 2024We’ve done our very best to compile a comprehensive directory, and all service  providers have been given a free listing. Many organisations have also created brief descriptions that provide additional information about the services they offer, which hopefully will aid you in making an informed decision for yourself, your client, or your loved one.

DDN magazine does not endorse any specific facility over another, but we do offer one valuable piece of advice: reach out directly to these facilities and engage in conversations with the staff, many of whom can share their personal experiences. They are more than willing to answer any questions you may have and assist you in making the most suitable decision for your unique circumstances.

While we have endeavoured to ensure the directory’s accuracy, it’s important to acknowledge that services evolve. New services may emerge, while others may cease operations. To stay  current, please subscribe to our email alerts and view the most up-to-date version of the directory on our website. 

We would like to thank all of the organisations that have supported both the directory and DDN magazine through advertising and sponsorship. 

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Gloucestershire and Scotland –12 Step – Detox

Acorn Recovery Projects

Lancashire – Eclectic – Detox

The Pavillion

Lancashire – Detox


Greater Manchester – 12 Step – Detox

Arc Project

Hampshire – Eclectic


North Wales/Lancashire – 12 Step – Detox

Amber Foundation (The)

Various Locations – Young People’s Service

ANA Treatment Centres 

Hampshire – 12 Step – Detox

Ark House Rehab

Yorkshire – 12 Step

BAC O’Connor

Staffordshire – 12 Step


West Midlands – 12 Step

Bosence Farm 

Cornwall – 12 Step – Detox

Bridge House

Kent – Detox

Broadway Lodge 

Somerset – 12 Step – Detox

Brynawel House 

South Wales – Holistic – Detox

Capio Nightingale

London – Holistic – Detox

Carlisle House

Belfast – Therapeutic Community

Castle Craig Hospital

Scotland – 12 Step – Detox

Change Grow Live

Park House

Birmingham – Detox

St Thomas Fund

Sussex – Eclectic – Detox

Chapman Barker Unit

Manchester – Detox

Changes UK 

Birmingham – Eclectic


London – 12 Step – Men Only


London – Supported Housing


Scotland – Christian


Cheshire – Eclectic – Detox


Hertfordshire – Eclectic – Detox

East Coast Recovery Ltd

Suffolk – 12 Step – Detox

Equilibrium project

Isle of Wight – Eclectic – Detox

ESH Community

Warwickshire – 12 Step – Detox

Forward Trust

Clouds House

Wiltshire – 12 Step – Detox


Nottinghamshire – Housing Support

Gideon House

London – Housing Support


Various – Eclectic – Detox

Gloucester House 

12 Step – Wiltshire

Haynes Clinic

Bedfordshire – 12 Step – Detox

Help Me Stop Dayhab

Dayhab – Online

Holgate House 

12 Step – Lancashire

HOPE worldwide

London – Homeless Service


Yorkshire/Durham – Supported Housing


Scotland – Recovery Community


London – Homeless Support – 12 Step


Merseyside – Eclectic – detox

Kenward Trust 

Kent – 12 Step

Littledale Hall

Lancaster – 12 Step – Detox

Livingstone House 

Birmingham – Holistic – Detox

Mount Carmel

London – 12 Step

Narconon UK

Sussex – Scientology

Nest Healthcare

Essex – Eclectic

Nehemiah Project (The)  

London – Therapeutic Community

Notaro Homes

Various – Alcohol Treatment

Nelson Trust

Gloucestershire – Eclectic

New Leaf Recovery Services

Birmingham – 12 Step – Detox

Ocean Recovery

Lancashire – Eclectic – Detox

Perry Clayman Project (PCP)

Various – 12 Step – Detox

Phoenix Futures

Harper House

Scotland – Family Service

Oakwood Lodge

Derbyshire – Dual Diagnosis

Ophelia House

Oxfordshire – Women’s service

Scottish Residential Service

Glasgow – TC – Detox

Sheffield Service

Sheffield – Family Service

Wirral Residential Service 

Merseyside – 12 Step – Detox – Dog Friendly

Priory Group

Various Locations – Detox

PROMIS Clinics

London/Kent – Eclectic – Detox

Providence Project 

Dorset – 12-Step – Detox

Recovery Hub Ipswich

Suffolk – Eclectic

Recovery Lodge

Kent – Eclectic – Detox

Seasons Rehab

West Midlands – Eclectic – Detox

Sefton Park

Somerset – Therapeutic Community


Lancashire – Eclectic

Social Interest Group

Aspinden Wood Centre

London – Alcohol

Brook Drive

London – Detox


London – Homeless Support

Somewhere House

Somerset – Eclectic – Detox

St Anne’s Alcohol Services

Yorkshire – Supported Housing


London – 12 Step

StepbyStep Recovery

London – Eclectic

Steps Together 

Various – Eclectic – Detox


Dorset – 12 Step – Detox


Lancashire – Eclectic

Tom Harrison House 

Merseyside – Ex Forces Treatment

Trevi House 

Devon – Women’s Services

Turning Point

Manchester – Detox Centre

Cumbria – Eclectic


Passmores House 

Essex – Ecelectic – Detox

Western Counselling

Somerset – 12-Step – Detox


Chy Colom

Truro – 12 Step

Yeldall Manor

Berkshire – 12 Step – Detox