Delphi Medical

Delphi Medical are a leading provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the UK

Delphi Medical have an outstanding reputation as one of the leading providers of recovery-focused drug and alcohol treatment in the UK. The team offers excellent care on a pathway that supports and facilitates patients engaging in genuine recovery.


Delphi Medical’s services include:

Rethink detox – a private community-based alcohol detox service based in Lancaster. 

Pavilion – a residential drug and alcohol detox treatment centre on the outskirts of Lancaster.

Horizon Alcohol, Drugs and Sexual Health Support – a service offering free, confidential and non-judgemental support for all Blackpool residents.

Drug & Alcohol Services in Prisons – providing confidential help and support, and a range of life-saving clinical and psychosocial programmes.


Delphi Medical provide flexible solutions to recovery by working with individuals to better understand the traumas linked to their addiction.

As part of their service delivery, Delphi Medical recognise that they have a wider role in changing cultures and social support. The service works with multiple partners and communities to make real improvements. As part of The Calico Group and Syncora, Delphi Medical are in a unique position to provide bespoke services that fit the most complex needs.

With passion and excellence, Delphi Medical make a difference to people’s lives by providing innovative and specialist addiction services that lead the way from dependence to freedom.

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Delphi Services

A residential Detox Nurse
The Nursing Team are on duty 24 hours a day to support patients and monitor any changes in physical health during detox.

Delphi Pavilion Detox

The Pavilion is a residential drug and alcohol detox treatment centre on the outskirts of Lancaster, run by Delphi Medical. As part of a not-for-profit organisation, we endeavour to make detox and addiction treatment as affordable as possible.

The Pavilion team – made up of doctors, independent prescribers, therapist, nurses, support workers and volunteers – prides itself on delivering care to the highest standard with a focus on supporting patients into recovery.

The Pavilion is accessible to patients aged 18 years and over, delivering personalised and structured detoxification programmes, personally tailored to each individual.

Health, wellbeing, and personal empowerment are at the forefront of every programme, delivered in individual and group settings by trained medical and therapeutic professionals, with all services reflecting best practice, meeting CQC standards.

A combination of clinical and therapeutic services are delivered to safely support patients’ detox, whilst also addressing the contributing factors that have led to their dependence.

Detox is the first step into abstinence from drugs or alcohol, and can be a daunting decision for patients. The Pavilion provides a safe and effective in-patient detox from both drugs and alcohol, through medically assisted withdrawal.

Single and multiple detoxification services are available for the following substances:

  • Illicit drugs (opiate and non-opiate based)
  • Alcohol
  • Psychoactive substances
  • Over the counter medication
  • Prescription medication

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