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September issue

Off the wall? Fighting social networking is a losing game  TRYING TO LIMIT THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY'S SPREAD across social media networks is an ambitious aim (news, page...

August issue

What price life? Why naloxone should be everyone’s business THE NALOXONE DEBATE seems to be taking a long time to come to a conclusion but the...

July issue

Editorial Coming soon...             Read Magazine: PDF Version     

June issue

Beyond definition  Recovery can mean whatever it needs to  With recovery sounding more mainstream every minute, GPs began their two-day conference in Harrogate eager to know what...

May issue

 Food for thought  Worldwide inspiration on harm reduction  WE ARE RIGHTLY CONCERNED ABOUT TREATMENT IDEOLOGYin this country when, more than ever, so much depends on it. In...

April issue

 Spare some change  Recovery pilot offers an all-inclusive approach  Recovery is here there and everywhere, but our cover story describes how Sefton had the chance to...

March issue 2011

 Seizing the day  Action from our fourth service user conference   We came back from Seize the Day!on a high. Many more questions had been asked than...

February issue

In with the new  More news and views in our new monthly format I CHALLENGE YOU to look at this issue and not say ‘I never...

January issue

Fresh inspiration  On the upside of change  Welcome to our first issue of the new year. We have policy updates for you – the NTAexplains proposals...