April issue

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Recovery pilot offers an all-inclusive approach 

Recovery is here there and everywhere, but our cover story describes how Sefton had the chance to look at what it could mean across their entire treatment system. It was not just a case of shoehorning the word recovery in to get funding, but of looking at what service users really needed by consulting them. Realising that services were not accessible enough to everyone, ex service users were trained up as peer mentors to make sure everyone had a fair chance of getting exactly the right support. This is taking a user-led needs assessment to its logical conclusion, and Sefton were lucky to be selected as one of seven pilot areas. Let’s hope the benefits of their experience can now encourage others to take a fully inclusive approach by being adopted much more widely. Much further afield, Gill Bradbury brings some tough challenges to our attention by talking to Parina Limbu Subba about her women’s harm reduction programme in Nepal (page 16). The scale of their challenge is daunting, right down to trying to run a service with daily power cuts lasting up to six hours. The attitude with which they tackle seemingly insurmountable obstacles, not least basic funding, is inspiring in itself. 

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