August issue

What price life?

Why naloxone should be everyone’s business

THE NALOXONE DEBATE seems to be taking a long time to come to a conclusion but the NTA’s report on its recent pilots provide evidence to underline what many have been calling for for more than two years – a roll-out of the easy-to-administer and cost-effective overdose antidote (page 14). There is no more simple and effective intervention to prevent fatal overdose, so bringing naloxone into mainstream drug treatment, as Danny Morris suggests, should surely follow. Certainly the policy direction in Wales is highly encouraging (page 18). The threat of homelessness takes our cover slot (page 8), because the figures are continuing to rise with no turnaround in sight. Brighton and Hove Street Services team say they are seeing a new cohort of people who have exhausted all other options. There’s good work going on down on the south coast, but are we destined to keep remodelling support services when more holes appear in the welfare net? You may or may not agree with Alex Boyt’s personal views on 12-step philosophy, but we know it’s an issue that many readers want to talk about, so here’s the invitation (page 12). And while we’re in the debating corner, Prof Neil McKeganey gives insight to his controversial views (page 16). 

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