Acquiesce Dayhab – Treatment on your doorstep

Acquiesce tell us how they have recently introduced Dayhab as a local treatment option for clients who need support and help.

Dayhab fro Acquiesce

We piloted this treatment pathway between January and May 2018. The pilot involved five individuals who completed seven-day-a-week programmes for 12 weeks. This resulted in an 80 per cent success rate – four of the five of them completed treatment and exited the service successfully. The majority of clients who completed this treatment option now have more than 12 months ongoing abstinence. 

The pilot indicated that Dayhab is a viable effective option for those who are assessed as appropriate to access it.

What is Dayhab?

  • Intensive treatment, with four- to12-week Dayhab packages available
  • Flexible treatment, with five and seven days per week Dayhab packages available
  • Lower cost option
  • Flexible to accommodate your existing commitments – childcare, business etc – to enable planning around individual circumstances 
  • Non-residential, as living away from family and home can often be a daunting prospect and can be a barrier to individuals accessing the support and help they need
  • Local treatment, allowing you to build your recovery in your home town. In order to access Dayhab you need to live close enough to our centre to make the commitment to travel to and from it
  • Full aftercare package is included

What does Dayhab treatment include?

  • Weekly individual one-to-one sessions with an allocated recovery practitioner Dayhab offering yoga
  • Educational presentations and workshops
  • Group sessions
  • Positive psychology
  • Psychosocial interventions
  • SMART Recovery 
  • Introduction to 12 Steps
  • Peer evaluations/life stories
  • Daily journaling
  • Weekly family updates 
  • Aftercare planning
  • Aftercare group sessions
  • Yoga

Who might benefit from Dayhab?

Dayhab can be a useful option for those who require flexibility in their treatment plan – for example, it offers individuals the chance to treat their problems by day, while continuing with ongoing commitments (eg careers and childcare) in a relatively uninterrupted way.

Dayhab can be a good option for individuals who are local enough to commute to rehab.

Completing Dayhab in your locality allows you to build your recovery where you live which can be very beneficial to support long term results.

Those with a limited budget may choose to opt to complete a Dayhab package.

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