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November issue 2013

In this month’s issue of DDN…  ‘The key harm reduction messages for active ketamine users revolve around dose management and hydration. Understanding how to dose, avoiding...

January issue

Show of solidarity Challenge the negatives, feed off the positives We love featuring stories of achievement, but some really make us sit up and take notice....

December 2013

In this month’s issue of DDN…  ‘We might be fed up of banging on about the same old thing – but many families haven’t heard it...

February issue

Life games New addictions, age-old needs This month’s cover story reflects an issue that’s hitting the headlines – the increase in addiction to gaming, which extends...

March Issue

Being the change Service user involvement is thriving. How do you sum up an event like Be the change? With snow falling in the days leading...

DDN April 2013

Toxic trap Giving women support over punishment. ‘A vicious cycle of victimisation and criminal activity develops, creating a toxic lifestyle that is extremely difficult to escape.’...

DDN May 2013

 The right support  From training to campaigning. How often do we worry about trying to keep up with every new danger drug to hit the headlines?...

July issue 2013

In this month's issue of DDN...  ‘It’s very strange to sit in a harm reduction conference and realise that the last needle exchange programme in...

DDN June issue 2013

For better, for worse? Will localism be good for our health? At last year’s RCGP conference we heard early warning shots on how localism could affect...