DDN May 2013

 The right support

 From training to campaigning.

How often do we worry about trying to keep up with every new danger drug to hit the headlines? The age of fast news has us googling at every tweet and risking missing far more important elements of the job. In this month’s cover story, Kevin Flemen offers a reassuring guide to staying ahead of novel psychoactive compounds, using existing skills to respond calmly and effectively. There’s a varied alcohol theme running through this issue, as minimum pricing arguments continue to rage. Alcohol Concern’s conference tackled parental alcohol misuse (page 6), Adfam look at why families often struggle for so long without seeking help (page 14) and Joss Smith asks what we can do to make support groups more relevant to men (page 13). In this month’s Soapbox (page 21), Andy Stonard waves a burning torch at our hypocritical attitude to booze.

Adding our voice to the Support. Don’t punish campaign (page 20) was a no-brainer. The global campaign, endorsed by many high-profile figures, aims to highlight the harms caused by criminalising and stigmatising people who use drugs, and show humane policy alternatives. Visit the website – www.supportdontpunish.org – to add your support and reinforce the message that stigma and repression should never be tolerated.

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