Ways forward for the employability sector

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Forward’s director of employment services Asi Panditharatna reflects on the company’s achievements in the past year, as well as ways forward for the employability sector.

Happy Employability Day 2021. Today is an opportunity for the employability sector, our employers and partners to celebrate our efforts in supporting jobseekers to both find and thrive within the world of work.

Employability Day 2021 takes place during a global pandemic, which has led to uncertainty in the labour market for many.

It has been a challenging year for the employability sector, employers and the people we support. However, we still have many success stories to celebrate.

Challenges in the labour market

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK economy and taken a particular toll on the low-paid and those in less secure work. According to the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), “low-paid employees were also more than twice as likely to leave their jobs – with around one in twenty doing so each quarter compared with just one in fifty of those not in low pay”.

The greatest impact has been felt by the most disadvantaged. This includes those in low-paid work, the low-skilled, some ethnic minority groups, and our youngest and oldest workers. A recent Resolution Foundation commissioned study highlighted that older workers who lose their jobs tend to take longer to return to work and are likely to earn substantially less than in their previous job.

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