The Archers, Alice and Alcohol

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Adfam Chief Executive Vivienne Evans discusses the latest alcohol dependency storyline on radio soap opera, The Archers.

One of my childhood’s most enduring memories is that of my father turning off the radio as soon as he heard the Archers signature tune, claiming that farmers were of no interest to him, and anyway, they were all ‘right-wing land grabbers’.

Perhaps because of this, I have been a dedicated Archers listener since I was able to make my own listening decisions. I often get frustrated with some of the story lines, exasperated and incredulous. However, there are story lines, matched by splendid acting, which are compelling, and remind me why I listen.

Such a story is the current one about Alice’s alcohol dependency. It is heart-breaking, and touches on key issues in our sector – and in society – about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, about the torment of dependency and the scarcity of detox facilities.

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