SIG Awards 2023 – A Wonderful Celebration!

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Last Friday, the 24th of March, the Social Interest Group Awards 2023 took place at Lift in Islington.

The event was attended by approximately sixty nominees and was a mix of staff, residents, and participants.

The event kicked off at midday with lunch, and it was brilliant to see everyone sitting around the tables chatting, eating, and sharing stories about their day and wondering if they were going to win an award.

At 1 pm, Greg Tythe, Director of Development, Marketing, and Communications, welcomed everyone to the event and introduced Gill Arukpe, Group CEO, to give an opening speech. Gill spoke about how proud she was of everyone in the group and of all the people nominated for the awards. She spoke about how challenging it was to choose the winners and how this year was the hardest yet because we have so many wonderful people doing exceptional things. She spoke about the achievements of the group as a whole and our aspirations to do more in this coming year to make a positive difference to those we support and to the wider community.

The winners were then announced amid claps and whoops and collected their awards and were personally congratulated by Gill.

There were also awards for people who have worked within their service for over 20 or 30 years. It was particularly great to celebrate Ned, who works in our maintenance team and is our longest-serving staff member. Ned has been with us for 33 years!

The award ceremony ended around 3:30 pm, and from the feedback gathered so far, all have said it was a fantastic event, which made them feel valued by the Group.

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