Scottish Government set to increase MUP to 65p

Plans to continue with the minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland, and to increase it by 15p to 65p per unit, are to go before the Scottish Parliament for approval.

woman looking at bottle
If the Scottish Parliament agrees, the new price will come into force at the end of September

When the MUP legislation was introduced in 2018 it was subject to a ‘sunset clause’, meaning it will expire in April unless MSPs vote to keep it in place. 

If the Scottish Parliament agrees, the new price will come into force at the end of September, with the aim of countering the effects of inflation, the Scottish Government states. Despite the introduction of MUP, however, the most recent Scottish alcohol death statistics showed the highest number of fatalities since 2008 (, and there have also been concerns that some dependent drinkers are cutting back on food and other essentials in order to buy alcohol. 

‘We believe the proposals, which are supported by Scotland’s chief medical officer, strike a reasonable balance between public health benefits and any effects on the alcoholic drinks market and impact on consumers,’ said deputy first minister Shona Robison. ‘Alongside MUP, we will continue to invest in treatment and a wide range of other measures, including funding for alcohol and drug partnerships which rose to £112m in 2023-24.’

‘We welcome this uprating, which will keep prices in line with inflation and ensure that minimum unit pricing continues to be an effective measure in tackling our nation’s complex relationship with alcohol,’ said WithYou’s policy lead for Scotland, Graeme Callander.

‘However, we know that minimum unit pricing will not help or protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society – those who are already drinking harmfully and will find a way to keep drinking, regardless of the cost. In order to reach these people, and ultimately save lives, the Scottish Government needs to ensure that well-resourced alcohol treatment and support services are available in communities across Scotland.’ 



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