Safe Ground joins Social Interest Group

Safe Ground charity will be joining the Social Interest Group of charities

safe ground charity‘I am very pleased to announce that on 1st November 2022, the Social Interest Group is looking forward to welcoming Safe Ground as a new subsidiary into our Group of charities’, said Gill Arukpe, CEO, Social Interest Group.

‘Safe Ground brings a long history of pioneering design and delivery of effective group work programmes, which they deliver in prisons across the UK. These programmes benefit and impact by reducing re-offending. They make a difference to those who attend the programmes from within the criminal justice system and their families. There are additional programmes available and bespoke programmes for prison and probation staff.

Gill Arukpe, Group Chief Executive of The Social Interest Group
Gill Arukpe, Group Chief Executive of The Social Interest Group

I am immensely grateful to Charlie Weinberg, CEO of Safe Ground, for building evidence-based programmes that make a difference in people’s lives. I am also thankful to Charlie Weinberg and the Safe Ground Board of Trustees for their vision and commitment to joining the Social Interest Group. I am committed to supporting the good work of Safe Ground to ensure it continues to grow and make a difference in people’s lives.’

Charlie Weinberg, CEO of Safe Ground, summarised her sense of the moment:

Charlie Weinberg, CEO of Safe Ground
Charlie Weinberg, CEO of Safe Ground

‘Safe Ground has been a labour of love for me for 12 years. I have learnt and grown with the organisation, and the success of moving it into the Social Interest Group is a way of demonstrating our values into action. The integrity, values and open approach the Social Interest Group has shown match our priorities. We look forward to building on our long history together.’

Diane Lennan, Chair of Safe Ground, said: ‘As Chair of Safe Ground, it has been a privilege to work with the ambition, commitment and dedication of the staff and Board members. We are delighted to share our future with the Social Interest Group.’

The Social Interest Group (SIG) is made up of subsidiary charities that collectively believe that everyone has the right to live a positive and healthy life. Its members, Penrose Options, Equinox Care, Pathways to Independence and SIG Investments work in partnership to deliver high-quality support, health, and social care, through prevention, early intervention, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Safe Ground pioneered family relationships programmes in UK prisons. In partnership with the Ministry of Justice, Family Man and Fathers Inside, Safe Ground developed the first-ever arts-based family programmes for men in prison and their families. The organisation achieved the first-ever MoJ Data Lab analysis and a 40% reduced re-offending rate, delivering direct work to 8,000 men in 80 prisons.

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