Penrose Pom Poms for Peace

Two of SIG’s Penrose groups in Luton are using a group art project to promote mental health.

Since the war broke out in Ukraine, many organisations have mobilised and started fundraising and donation efforts to assist those displaced or otherwise affected by the war. But two of our Penrose groups in Luton have focussed their efforts on mental health.

The Penrose Pom Poms for Peace campaign began as part of the art activity which is run at the Friday Connects Group.

When the war in Ukraine began, the group along with Penrose Roots club members started to think about peace in this terrible time, and about those fleeing Ukraine as well as those affected by war across this world. They decided that they would start to make Pom Poms for Peace.

The group used mainly donated wool, added tags and their logo and started to give the pom poms out to family and friends as well as to leave them in random places in Luton for people to collect and take home.

The question could be asked, how does what started as a simple group art project really help with the current situation?

Firstly, the group hopes that it may bring some joy and colour to those who received or found them. Secondly, they hope that it may encourage people to realise the importance of peace whether this means in time of war or personal peace of mind. They also hope that it may make people think about donating to a one of the many causes, whether financially or by supporting with donations of clothing and supplies to local Polish centres which are making regular trips to the Polish border.

But it is also important that as a community group they worked together, enjoyed making the pom poms, had much conversation and now have the satisfaction of giving them away or randomly leaving them around the town, which means they get to exercise too!

Elizabeth Aldous, volunteer and community programme coordinator said: “I have personally made more than 200 pom poms which has kept me very busy AND are taking over the house! We may also have some at our Spring Fair which is approaching. As somebody who has volunteered with refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Afghanistan, I wish to go and help with this crisis in Poland or Moldova. But in the meantime, I shall continue to make Pom Poms for Peace.”

These pom poms may not make a huge difference but even though they just make someone smile, that would be enough.

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