National Apprenticeship Week 2023

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Alex Armstrong, Turning Point’s Acting Apprenticeship Lead, discusses his journey and work during National Apprenticeship Week.

I am delighted that it is National Apprenticeship Week. We’re celebrating with a variety of events; from webinars for future learners and managers to the launch of our apprenticeship community. We will hold our first Apprenticeships Graduation & Awards ceremony at the end of the week to recognise programme participants and graduates, as well as the managers who have contributed to the success of our apprenticeship programme.

Turning Point and apprenticeships

Turning Point apprenticeships are designed to support and nurture people in reaching their full potential, whether that is a management path or a sidestep into an area of interest.

Turning Point has been utilising apprenticeships for our existing workforce and how we can upskill the future leaders within the organisation within various apprenticeship standards and disciplines within the workplace. Apprenticeships require functional skills in English and Math, which may not have been achieved in school. Turning Point collaborates with our providers to assist colleagues in completing their function skills prior to or concurrently with their apprenticeship.

Our primary focus has been on developing our front-line teams through care and management apprenticeships ranging from level 2 to level 7. This has given 117 Turning Point colleagues who have/will have a recognised qualification.

To date, Turning Point has completed 55 apprenticeships, with our national average of 85% achieving a Merit or Distinction.

My apprenticeship journey 

From my own personal experience of completing my own apprenticeship during Covid 19, the Turning Point approach is about supporting and developing our people to achieve success.

Turning Point and the provider’s assistance was critical for me. I had a mentor to whom I could turn for advice, and I had regular phone calls with my tutor to ensure I was on the right track. Working with the team also provided me with opportunities to be a part of projects that I would not have been a part of prior to beginning my apprenticeship.

As a result of completing my apprenticeship, I have gained additional responsibilities such as National Apprenticeship Week and the apprenticeship programme. Examining Turning Point’s strategic approach to apprenticeships and professional development. I have close working relationships with managers, learners, and providers, and what I enjoy most about my job is seeing how colleagues progress and achieve. Particularly during their learning stage. Seeing them overcome a challenge and seeing their confidence grow.

Benefits of apprenticeships

We’ve seen colleagues advance through the apprenticeship scheme, from support worker to senior support worker to team managers, running their own services by completing apprenticeships alongside their day job.

We have established clear career paths and opportunities for future growth for our colleagues. Individuals’ practises may vary greatly while on the programme, depending on what they are studying that month. They can apply their knowledge, skills, and behaviours to the work environment. We are also considering future apprenticeships, as well as participating in research groups and exploring new apprenticeships to help develop our teams and establish new working relationships with providers and universities throughout England.

Turning Point has also joined the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network and the Apprenticeship Diversity Champion Network, pledging to make apprenticeships more accessible and inclusive, as well as to improve our social mobility and reach out to a broader workforce.

Apprenticeships are helping develop the future for our workforce and this is the most exciting part to seeing colleagues progression.

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