MPs vote in favour of smoking ban

The government’s plan to introduce legislation that would create a ‘smoke-free generation’ ( moved a step closer to reality after MPs voted 383 to 67 in favour of the tobacco and vapes bill at its second reading in the House of Commons.

The legislation is designed to prevent young people from taking up smoking

The legislation would raise the age at which anyone can legally smoke by one year each year to ‘prevent future generations from ever taking up smoking’, while anyone born before 1 January 2009 will be able to continue legally buying cigarettes and other tobacco products.

‘This is not about criminalising those who smoke or preventing anyone who currently smokes from doing so,’ said the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). ‘Smoking will never be illegal and if you currently smoke legally, retailers will continue to be able to sell you cigarettes and other tobacco products. This is about protecting future generations from the harms of smoking, saving thousands of lives and billions for the NHS.’

The bill would also introduce restrictions on the packaging and flavouring of vaping products to make them less attractive to children. ‘While vaping can play a useful role in helping adult smokers to quit, non-smokers and children should never vape,’ said DHSC. ‘The long-term health impacts of vaping are unknown and the nicotine contained within them can be highly addictive.’

The government also announced a new tax on vaping products as part of its spring budget earlier this year (

Deborah Arnott: This is just the beginning of consigning smoking to the ‘ash heap of history’

‘Parliament has today begun the process of consigning smoking to the “ash heap” of history,’ said ASH chief executive Deborah Arnott. ‘However, this is only the first step. The bill must now go through committee and another vote before going through the same process in the House of Lords. The passage of the bill should be expedited to ensure it is on the statute book before the general election.’

Tobacco and vapes bill at

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