The Covid Hangover report launch - IAS

 The Covid Hangover report launch - IAS
The Covid Hangover report launch - IAS

July 26, 2022

Tuesday 26 July 2022
11:00AM – 12:00PM

We are pleased to invite you to a webinar to launch our new modelling report, which looks at how changes in drinking patterns during the pandemic could lead to thousands of additional disease cases and death.

The pandemic saw a polarisation in drinking, with light and moderate drinkers generally consuming less, and heavier drinkers consuming more. This led to a 20% increase in alcohol-specific deaths in England from 2019-2020.

Our new study - with chronic disease modelling specialists HealthLumen - looks at three scenarios for how drinking patterns could continue between now and 2035, and we project the disease, deaths and NHS cost associated with each scenario.

In this event we will discuss the report findings and policy implications. Sheffield University has developed a similar modelling report, which will be presented by Colin Angus.

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