Off-trade alcohol availability & violence: the impact of on-trade closures

Off-trade alcohol availability & violence: the impact of on-trade closures

September 18, 2023

Monday, 18 September 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm

It is difficult to disentangle the effects of off-trade (supermarkets, off-licences) and on-trade (pubs, bars, restaurants) availability on alcohol-related violence. This is because people may consume alcohol from the off-trade before visiting the on-trade, or because purchases made from supermarkets might contribute to violent incidents which happen far from the original purchase location.

The pandemic restrictions gave an opportunity to isolate and examine the impact of off-trade availability on alcohol-related violence, including domestic violence.

In a recent study, the University of Liverpool's Dr Carly Lightowlers and IAS's Lucy Bryant used police recorded crime data to assess how on-trade closures affected alcohol-related violence. Join us to hear from them on the findings.

This event is for public health professionals, researchers, healthcare workers, civil servants, NGOs, health agencies etc. If you or your organisation receives funding from the alcohol industry (alcohol producers, retailers, trade associations, Social Aspect Public Relations Organisations (SAPROs), & Business-Interest NGOs) please do not attend.


15:00-15:10: Introduction from Chair, Dr Katherine Severi

15:10-15:40: Dr Lightowlers and Bryant's presentation

15:40-16:00: Q&A session facilitated by Dr Severi

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