Free Online Workshop: Go Dry For January

 Free Online Workshop: Go Dry For January
Free Online Workshop: Go Dry For January

January 18, 2023

Wed, 18 Jan 2023

Going sober for a month provides a wealth of benefits for your mind, body and bank balance!

During this session, JITAI co-founder Dr David McLaughlan will share a range of top tips for the Dry January Challenge. He will cover mindful drinking techniques for those who want to gain more control over their drinking, but don’t want to give up completely. There will also be some discussion about how to support colleagues and create an inclusive environment for everyone.

Dr David McLaughlan will also share the benefits of the new JITAI mobile app using “Just In time Adaptive Interventions” to help users avoid unwanted drinking behaviours. The innovative approach was designed by experts from The Universities of Oxford, UCL and Sussex, and a recent study showed the app was successful in reducing alcohol use in 90% of users.

Don’t miss out on the best possible kickstart to 2023.

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