Leeds launches ‘Like My Limit’ alcohol campaign

Forward Leeds is among local services launching initiatives for Alcohol Awareness Week, 14-20 November. Their Like My Limit campaign aims to reach 17,000 dependent drinkers in the city and tackle more than £26m a year lost to the local economy through hangovers.

Through arranging for its workers to appear at various locations, and an accompanying social media campaign, the service will ask people to keep an eye on how much they are drinking.

‘The amount of alcohol a person drinks can have a significant impact on their health and happiness,’ said Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council director of public health. ‘Our Like My Limit campaign encourages people to keep an eye on their intake and consider making one small change so that they can still enjoy drinking in moderation but feel happier knowing they are not risking their health.’

‘We’re trying to hit people who may not access formal treatment and just help them to become aware of the risks, give them some skills and show them what they can do to prevent drinking too much,’ added Jane Doyle of Forward Leeds. ‘We want to make sure people have an informed choice.’

The campaign was originally launched in 2014 to tackle the rise in the number of adults regularly drinking alcohol at home and putting their longer term health at risk. Top tips include having two alcohol-free days a week, using smaller wine glasses and switching to low alcohol drinks.

To see the Forward Leeds list of events for Alcohol Awareness Week, visit: http://www.forwardleeds.co.uk/2016/11/11/health-issues-highlighted-alcohol-awareness-campaign/lml-guidlines1