Former Minister Rory Stewart calls for an end to short-term prison sentences

The More Than My Past podcast (produced by charity The Forward Trust) tells the stories of former prisoners and people in recovery from addiction who have turned their lives around. Co-presented by film star Jason Flemyng and Forward Trust Director Julie Muir, Series 2 opens with an interview with former Prisons Minister Rory Stewart. 

Former Prisons Minister Rory Stewart. 
Former Prisons Minister Rory Stewart. 

Now no longer constrained by government office, Rory Stewart is quizzed on how he views the problem of our overcrowded prisons, and what can be done to improve prisons policy. He used the interview to call for all short-term prison sentences to be ended.

In the interview, Rory sheds light on the motivations that led to him to question the wisdom of using prison as a dumping ground for tens of thousands of people who have not committed serious offences.

Speaking on the podcast he argues: ‘we should abolish all short term prison sentences’, for two simple reasons. First, ‘sending people to prison on short sentences does not have any deterrent effect at all’ and is astonishingly expensive to the tax-payer, at a time when money is incredibly tight.

This interview marks the launch of series two of the More Than My Past podcast, with a one off special seeking to find the policy solutions to the rising rates of addiction and crime, raised in series one. Series 2 will feature Actor Jason Flemyng and Julie Muir interviewing a host more people with enlightening, uplifting and fascinating stories to tell. 

The More Than My Past podcast is available now on all major podcast platforms.

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