DDN October 2022

We talk about stigma – let’s also talk about empowerment

ddn october 2022We talk about stigma a lot. We think about language and we want to be inclusive. But let’s take the vision wider and talk about empowerment – and initiatives that go hand in hand with service user involvement and co-production. Dave Higham strongly believes we have to look at the environments we create in places of support, if we’re to build recovery-orientated systems of care (p10). This is no more starkly illustrated than when tackling homelessness, and the co-founder of BillyChip (p6) shares a very clear vision – to spread kindness and compassion.

These values should underpin every strand of our sector, and at the planning stages they very often do. The vision for electronic prescriptions is about getting the meds out swiftly and safely (p8). Our in-depth look at commissioning (p12 and the first in a three- part series) highlights that we need to expand services to meet the needs of those who haven’t been well served up to now, and create the right partnerships if we’re to change people’s lives for the better.

Meanwhile, our careers series turns the spotlight on nursing (p16) and offers a guide to the many and varied roles in this life-changing vocation. We also discover some highly effective initiatives that are already making a difference with M-PACT family support (p18) and action to help steroid users in Wales (p14).

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Claire Brown, editor

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