DDN November 2023

‘A unified message cuts through the noise’

November 2023 DDN MagazineThe campaign to inform people about potentially deadly nitazenes is an essential one (p6). But as well as vital information, we also want to share the efforts to work together across service boundaries to engage with people at risk. This ‘common responsibility’ led to a unified message by cutting through the noise of poor information. It’s so logical to involve people in making a plan that’s directly relevant to them; how often do we throw the information out there and assume that it’s hitting the target? 

This consultative approach is also seen to great effect in our latest commissioning article (p8) and through community work in Leicester with people from a south Asian background (p14).

We have two perspectives on drama in this issue, because both have exciting potential. Anonymous drama (p12) is the opposite of anything ‘stagey’ but it gives permission to examine the hidden depths of our minds and personalities, offering life-changing possibilities for dealing with unresolved trauma. 

Meanwhile sociodrama (p24) can be a useful tool for stepping into the lives of others and exploring the situations they face. Both methods can enhance our understanding if we approach them with an open mind.

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Claire Brown Editor of DDN Magazine

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