DDN July/August 2018

‘Partnerships have brought a culture change’

Tackling stigma is always a challenge, so we were interested to hear of Double Impact’s strategy to connect with business and employers (this month’s cover story). Looking at ways to raise funding, they worked hard to create productive partnerships with local businesses, which have not only opened up income streams but helped to bring about culture change. Their progress in creating meaningful employment opportunities and experience is heartening.

Changing culture is proving as difficult as ever at policy level. Why is naloxone not being provided to prisoners on release, when drug-related deaths are the main cause of mortality during the first week of release (page 14)? How can we be going round in circles on tackling drug-related deaths when this straightforward intervention could save so many lives? As John Jolly says, ‘please NHS, help sort this out’. We have the knowledge and the kit to act on this now.

One area where we need to build up knowledge quickly is around gambling addiction, and NHSSMPA’s article on page 12 shares the example of a clinic that provides much-needed help. And while we’re looking at different approaches to treatment, does acupuncture deserve a place in the treatment armoury? Natalie Davies examines its effectiveness on page 8.

We’ve been delighted with the response to our first Wider Health supplement on alcohol in last month’s issue, and our feature from visiting a clinic at a homeless practice on page 10 demonstrates frontline holistic healthcare at its most effective.

Claire Brown, editor

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