DDN April 2024

‘The more we understand, the more we can support’

DDN Magazine April 2024The challenges faced by the criminal justice system are significant, headlined by a burgeoning prison population with seemingly no place to go. But alongside the desperation that can set in when looking at the statistics, an evidence-based body of work is flourishing. In this issue we look at the alternatives to custodial sentences, the opportunities for successful diversion schemes, and the positive impact of moving away from short sentences. 

Our contributors this month provide vital knowledge – on the trauma suffered by many veterans who find themselves self-medicating with alcohol and drugs; on neurodivergent conditions; on safe spaces for women; and on ways to connect with peer support and recovery communities. The more we understand about why people are ‘cycling in and out of our prisons’ (Prof Dame Carol Black) the better position we are in to provide appropriate interventions and support.

News of more sudden deaths, including clusters in prison, further underlines the emergency we are facing with nitazenes. This is not a remote problem. See the action plan on p10 – we need to understand the risks, act quickly, and coordinate locally to make sure everyone is prepared.

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Claire Brown Editor of DDN Magazine

Claire Brown, editor

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