DDN April 2023

‘Being responsive is central to how we work’

DDN Magazine April 2023We talk about ‘the workforce’ and there are new strategies  on the way – so it’s been interesting to look at the first census of its kind in England. It gives a snapshot of who we are – and shows that lived experience has become an important part of  the workforce. The peer team distributing naloxone pouches  (page 16) demonstrate the passion and connectivity that’s so important – and those with lived experience are involved in the project on an equal footing and paid properly. 

But statistics don’t tell us about quality or the special  attributes of so many in the sector. It takes specific skills to work responsively with people in a prison environment, helping to build a personalised plan for a safer future (p11). It goes beyond assessment and involves networking, joint-working and showing compassion and imagination in supporting those who find change difficult. 

There must be many days when it feels too difficult, but the outcomes can’t just be measured on a spreadsheet. Working with child sexual abuse is equally complicated, but with specialist skills the results are life-changing (p10). Being responsive is central to the  way we work, so Anna’s powerful perspective on mothers (p14) will give clear direction on where we must focus.

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Claire Brown Editor of DDN Magazine

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