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DDN October 2020

‘We have a unique role in breaking county lines’ THE PRESSURES OF THE PANDEMIC are diverting services into new ways of working, with plenty of...

DDN November 2020

‘How can we change appalling statistics?’ Writing and reading about drug-related deaths is depressing for all of us – the inevitability year after year, when...

DDN 2020 December/Jan

‘There are much-needed glimpses of hope’ Our news in this issue leads with the positive results of the heroin assisted treatment pilot in Middlesbrough –...

DDN February 2020

‘Why can’t we reverse this shameful trend of DRDs? EACH YEAR the cross-party parliamentary group meets to review the ONS data on drug-related deaths, and...

DDN March 2020

‘The savings offered by HAT give an obvious direction’ MANY YEARS AGO the UK treated heroin addiction as a medical issue, with diamorphine scripts dispensed...

DDN April 2020

‘Listen to the messages from the frontline’ WHAT’S NORMAL RIGHT NOW? The last few weeks have been a white-knuckle ride for all of us, and...

DDN May 2020

‘We’re learning about new versions of outreach’ WE’VE HAD TO CHANGE OUR PLAN for this issue several times this month as your news and survival...