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July/August 2017

How long have we needed to hear that drug and alcohol problems are not the 'add-on'? Problematic substance use rarely travels alone. The body of...

DDN September 2017

‘As we celebrate recovery, let’s credit harm reduction’ As we enter ‘recovery month’ there’s no better time to reinforce harm reduction – the route...

DDN October 2017

‘Learn what you can. Try to get vulnerable.’ We talk so readily about the science of addiction – dopamine receptors, the way our brains are...

DDN November 2017

‘It’s unsurprising that staff are feeling demotivated’ A commissioner said to me this week, ‘We need to know what the evidence is, see good practice,...

DDN December 2017

'Disinvestment in harm reduction is deeply damaging' As 2017 draws to a close we look back at a year of diminishing budgets and record drug-related deaths....

DDN February 2017

Welcome to our latest issue! ‘The situation requires a real shake-up in the way we engage’ ‘We begin to categorise and stigmatise without even realising it,’ said...

DDN March 2017

‘One of the strongest messages was a simple one: isolation kills’  We had to make drug-related deaths the focus of this year’s conference. The room...