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Magazine Archive 2016

May 2016

There was plenty of expectation around UNGASS – result of a 20- year wait for a global drug policy summit meeting – with a...

March DDN 2016

Our speakers at Get the Picture, our ninth service user involvement conference, underlined how engagement was everything. You can read all about the event...

February 2016

In this month's issue of DDN... New report – new action? Over-50s are the focus of a new report on harmful drinking, with a new report...

September 2016

Research shows that Korsakoff’s syndrome can occur in many dependent drinkers, yet the condition is rarely acknowledged and understood. Glenn Barnett explains the syndrome,...

DDN November 2016

Welcome to our latest issue... There is an absolute moral imperative on all of us to tackle the ‘outrageous discrimination’ against people with mental health...

October 2016

It’s easy to take notice of those who shout the loudest, but where would we be without the everyday heroes who just get on...

DDN December 2016

Welcome to our latest issue... This year has held more political turbulence than most of us can stomach. Alongside that, the ongoing onslaught on budgets...