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May issue

Learning curve Lessons from global harm reduction  AFTER A TURBULENT FEW WEEKS the election is finally over, with a hung parliament a certainty as we go to...

April issue

 No patient game Tough talking on crime as the election draws near Election campaign sparring has brought tough talk on crime from the party leaders, ahead...

29th March issue

Family fortunes Let’s not play roulette Despite family support being a central part of the current drug strategy, it has for years been poorly funded and sporadic....

15th March 2010

Let’s stand back and share the view President Obama’s drug strategy team has a monumental task on its hands if it is going to change...

1st March issue

 We were right there! Respect and inclusivity were order of the day Welcome to our special issue, celebrating our recent DDN/Alliance service user involvement conference. Right here,...

15th February issue

 Too hot to handle? Why we have to take on the headline writers The issue of stigma is so familiar to the drug and alcohol field...

1st February issue

 Lives first – always Public health’s no follower of fashion The language of recovery can be exciting. It enthuses, it galvanises, it stirs people into action....

January issue

 Staying grounded Can legislation be meaningful to tackle highs? The dangers of ‘legal highs’ have been hitting the headlines over the past few months, and the...