Aspinden Care Home – a tailored approach

Aspinden Care Home provides a tailored, respectful approach to tackling alcohol dependence.

Aspinden Care Home

Aspinden Care Home is a CQC Registered Care Home for adults with long-term care needs related to alcohol use. The service supports up to 25 individuals of any gender, aged 18+ and can take referrals from anywhere within the UK. Our dedicated staff team consists of qualified nursing staff, fully trained support workers, talented chefs and a CQC registered manager and management team.

The service operates within a harm reduction model, offering a safe and non-judgemental environment for people currently drinking alcohol. While stabilising alcohol use and promoting recovery is essential, we take the pragmatic approach that supervised drinking is less harmful.

We provide support and care that respects everyone, tailored to their needs. We work with other agencies to support people who want to reduce their alcohol use safely. Our alcohol intervention is part of a holistic support plan emphasising areas that positively impact alcohol use, including diet, nutrition, social activities, and community engagement.


• PRAGMATISM – some people are not ready to give up drinking
• HUMANIST VALUES – respect dignity and rights and avoid moral judgement
• GOAL PRIORITISATION – support planning and goal setting to reduce alcohol intake or work towards abstinence
• FOCUS – on the risks and harms associated with drinking
• MAXIMISE – the range of interventions available

We support residents in working towards the goals they identify as crucial to their quality of life such as improving self-management of behaviours, improved relationships with families, developing social networks, and reduction in hospital returns.

We work with agency partners including GPs, hospitals, district nurses, and voluntary and community sector organisations.

We encourage you to contact us directly, as we assess each referral on a case-by-case basis.

AspindenAspinden Care Home
1 Aspinden Road, London, SE16 2DR
T: 020 7237 0331

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