An interview with Mo

The Social Interest Group interview Mo, a service user who is shortly about to leave their Farley Road Service.

Mo on Brighton Beach
Mo on Brighton Beach

Our frontline staff are a crucial part of our business. Their interventions and interactions with service users are the foundation of all that we do. They are the true experts and are the ones who ensure our service users achieve the best outcomes. Below is an interview conducted with a service user who is leaving our Farley Road service shortly. His candid and insightful remarks highlight the progress he has made whilst there.

Mo tells us about his journey

‘At the end of the day, the most important thing for me has been my own growth and internal progression. It has been a journey of self-discovery. I feel like my growth here at Farley Road has been much greater than the growth I experienced in jail. I thought that the growth I was undertaking back in jail, at the hospital and other approved premises was massive. But that was just like getting a toolbox on how to deal with situations. After coming here, I feel like I have been given a platform upon which to practise with these tools. I would have never known that I was capable, that I could control myself and come out of it as a winner.’

Mo has recently spent a weekend away in Brighton. He says it’s moments like these when he realises how far he has come.

‘Sometimes it’s hard for me to feel like I am progressing, but these situations are a reminder that I got myself to that place, and then I realise that I am moving forward.’

Mo would like to come back to Farley Road as a mentor for new residents who move in and bring encouragement for those who are just starting on their journey.

‘The most positive thing from the establishment has been the support from the staff.’

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