Acorn Recovery Projects launch Manchester alcohol service in response to demand

To coincide with this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, Acorn Recovery Projects, part of The Calico Group, have launched a new recovery programme aimed specifically at individuals who have developed an alcohol addiction during the pandemic.

Off licence
Off licence sales increased by around 30% during the pandemic

The free service delivered in Manchester, called ‘Alcohol Awareness’, was created with the support of Change Grow Live Manchester (CGL) who have seen a huge spike in referrals during over the last 18 months. The support consists of eight weekly two hour sessions, covering topics such as ‘building awareness’, ‘motivation’ and ‘ambivalence’.

Peter Taylor, Services Manager for Acorn Recovery Projects said, ‘there is no doubt that lockdown and the impact of the pandemic has had a huge effect on a lot of people’s relationship with alcohol. In the winter lockdown at the end of 2020 into 2021, alcohol sales in shops increased by over 30% from the previous year. The mental pressures of COVID combined with a lack of other ways to occupy their time, meant that more people than ever were staying at home and drinking, and for anyone who had already faced challenges with their alcohol consumption it has been particularly challenging time.’

Based on the statistics and influx in alcohol referrals received by CGL Manchester, the Acorn team identified the need for specific alcohol addiction sessions, in addition to supporting clients who have a variety of addiction and dependency issues. These alcohol addiction sessions take place at CGL Manchester hubs Bradnor Point and the Zion Centre, as well Acorn’s ‘The Arc’.

Peter Taylor adds, ‘drinking alcohol is such an established and accepted part of British culture that people forget it’s a drug and that it damages lives. At Acorn we want anyone that needs addiction support to find emotional, social and lifelong recovery, and for someone who needs help with their relationship with alcohol, Alcohol Addiction Week and this new service is the perfect time to do that’.

For more information about the Alcohol Awareness course, and all of Acorn’s other services, visit or call 0161 484 0000 and talk with a friendly and helpful professional in complete confidence.

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