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Overcoming dependence on alcohol or drugs usually requires finding professional help, particularly for people who have a longer-term relationship with substances or those who’ve been unable to cut back by themselves in the community.

At Abbeycare, we know that no two individuals’ use of alcohol and/or drugs is the same. That’s why our supervised detoxification and rehabilitation services focus on individual recovery needs and ongoing support.

Our clinics in Gloucester and Erskine are both set in tranquil surroundings and offer residential stays, which allow clients to work on their recovery continuously under one roof without the interruptions, distractions, and triggers of daily life.

Abbeycare Gloucester conservatory
Abbeycare Gloucester conservatory

Tailored detoxification and rehabilitation programmes are open to anybody aged 18 or older who is committed to recovery from a substance use disorder. These programmes use best practice and proven techniques that aim to help people get to grips with the physical, psychological, and emotional implications of their alcohol or drug problem.

Medical staff support clients through their detoxification process by agreeing the protocol and observing their withdrawal symptoms throughout. Through a structured programme, our therapeutic teams use a variety of interventions to support clients to address many of the underlying issues associated with their substance use, such as anxiety, depression, loss and grief, and past trauma. Our experienced and qualified therapy team uses two key specific models in our programme delivery – namely cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and 12 steps. They also use other models where appropriate, including schema, psychosynthesis, solution-focused therapy, relapse prevention and mindfulness.

The recovery practitioner team supports the rehabilitation process through keywork support and recovery care planning, using the five-point Recovery Outcome Star to monitor the support required and measure recovery capital development. Outreach teams also provide interventions both pre-rehab and post-treatment through the delivery of our varied aftercare interventions. At Abbeycare we also recognise the impact addiction places on the family and deliver interventions to support relatives through the recovery process during and after the treatment episode.

Abbeycare Scotland lounge
Abbeycare Scotland lounge

Abbeycare provides treatment stays of between 28 days and three months – or longer – depending on individual needs. The costs of our private rehab and detox treatments are dependent on individual needs and duration of stay.

At Abbeycare clinics we have multidisciplinary teams consisting of consultant psychiatrists, specialist addictions GPs, registered general nurses, registered mental health nurses, therapists, recovery practitioners, admissions coordinators, outreach practitioners and hospitality experts. Our experienced admissions team are available to facilitate enquiries and conduct initial pre-admission screening and assessment.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from our extensive services, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or advice from a trained addiction treatment counsellor.

Abbeycare’s residential rehab in Scotland provides comfortable, homely accommodation across two floors and all 34 large individual rooms have ensuite facilities. The centre also has clinical and counselling suites, a dining room, and a private courtyard and garden with structured access to nearby leisure facilities.

We are situated at Erskine Mains House in Erskine, Renfrewshire, but accept admissions from across Scotland. This includes self-funded private patients, alcohol and drug partnership referrals and private medical insurance referrals.


Our Gloucester clinic is set in the grounds of Hygrove House in Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, and accepts admissions from across England and Wales. Like Abbeycare Scotland, it offers supervised detoxification and a structured rehabilitation programme.

The Gloucester clinic has 31 comfortable and homely rooms along with a spacious relaxing lounge, a fitness suite, and large gardens with an orchard.


Key interventions delivered at both clinics:

• clinical assessment
• pre-rehab support
• supervised detoxification
• harm reduction interventions
• keywork support
• recovery care planning
• therapeutic recovery programme
• counselling
• family support
• aftercare planning
• continued aftercare and support groups
• post treatment support, interventions, and outcome monitoring

Abbeycare GroupA form is available at and our free confidential hotline is available 24/7 on 01603 513 091. We can also be contacted via email at

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