Act-as-if you are infected and infectious’: what has the global Therapeutic Community movement learnt from COVID-19

On 25th June 2020, the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC) hosted a virtual COVID-19 learning event for practitioners from across the global TC movement. The aim of the event was to bring together TC professionals, from across the world, to reflect upon experiences, challenges and lessons from COVID-19, with a view to consider the future of TCs in both theory and practice.

The event was attended by 40 members of the global TC community including but not limited to Australia, America, Belgium, Czechia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK. It was chaired by, Karen Biggs (Chief Executive, Phoenix Futures, UK), who expressed a desire to ‘understand the commonality of our experiences as a movement,’ and opened by Phaedon Kaloterakis (Present of EFTC, KETHEA, Greece) who gave a compelling and impassioned address to participants.

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