What Black History Month means to me

Guehi Musah
Written by: Guehi Musah

Black History Month to me is a time of rejoicing, and celebrating the achievements and leadership of black people. It is a time when we tell our stories and are reminded of the good times, the bad times and the ugly times. black history month

Black History Month is a time for me, as an African, to recognise the role of Black Africans in history. To thank those who have given us hope or a life lesson that could be used in generations to come. To thank all those who fought for our freedom and the abolishment of slavery. 

As a black African woman who migrated to the UK, I remember my parents telling me that I had to work thrice as hard as my white counterparts. And now as a mother – I hear myself telling the same things to my son. I can remember cold winter nights, going out, and my brother and male cousins being told they could not have their hoods covering their heads to protect them from the cold, as they might be seen as gangsters. 

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