Recovery Capital

paul urmstonNew government funding of £10m has just been awarded to drug and alcohol services ‘committed towards improving recovery outcomes’ across England – capital funding that was distributed by PHE via local authorities. ESH Community Works were among the successful bidders and have been awarded £545,000 to purchase property for a local, peer-supported residential rehabilitation unit. CEO Paul Urmston gives their reaction.

How does it feel to have secured the funding? We’re excited about the opportunity but we also recog­nise the effort that’s going to be required to make this a reality.

What does it mean for ESH? This funded initiative will give us the opportunity to expand our current peer-led support. It will give us the ability to bring clients into a safe and peaceful environment allowing us to work more closely with them and their families to focus on their sustained recovery in the local community.

What does it mean for service users in Warwickshire? People with addiction problems in Warwickshire who have been assessed as needing drug and alcohol rehabilitation support would currently get a placement approved at a rehab unit somewhere outside of the county because we don’t have one locally. While the clients are away for around three months they build up a network of mutual support and many of the clients actually relocate because they’re comfortable in the recovery network that they’ve established. The problem is that they do not return to Warwickshire with their own recovery, and we lose the value of their recovery and the enthusiasm they have to help others.

Feedback from service users who had been out of county to a residential rehab and who came back to Warwickshire was that they actually felt there was no continuity for themselves or their families when they returned. A local residential rehab facility in Warwickshire will provide that continuity and stability for clients and families during their stay and, perhaps more importantly, when the clients leave the rehab it can provide the local aftercare and support to sustain their recovery.

Have you identified a site yet? We have looked at several sites, mainly residential properties, but we’re looking for somewhere with land and potential to expand the facility so we can eventually provide other activities and premises for clients to start their own small businesses.

When could the centre be up and running? It will take several months to complete a purchase and we then have to go through the process to register with the Care Quality Commission, so it could actually be six months or more before we are operational.

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