Phoenix Chief Exec Karen Biggs calls for action on funding

Ahead of the Government’s 2020 Spending Review Phoenix Chief Exec Karen Biggs calls for action on funding

Phoenix Chief Exec Karen Bigg
Phoenix Futures chief executive Karen Biggs

Covid has exposed the ‘fault lines’ in our society.  A number of powerful voices have been successful in bringing to our attention many of those issues.  

Those of us supporting people who need help with their drug or alcohol use knew we were already in crisis going into this pandemic. With the…

  • Highest levels of drug related deaths on record
  • Funding levels falling off a cliff for the last 8 years  
  • People across large areas of the country with no access to addiction registered care homes or inpatient detox provision
  • Dearth of specialist services for young people, rough sleepers or families of people in addiction
  • Politicisation of new interventions
  • Increasing numbers of people paying for healthcare themselves that should be provided by the NHS
  • Society’s view of addiction that shames people in need of healthcare, and stops them seeking help

So the fact that the pandemic has worsened this crisis is no surprise. What’s surprising is our silence.

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