October issue

GI Blues

Many services commissioned by local authorities failed to ask if the individual accessing them had served within the armed forces. This comment from Tony Wright is striking in its simplicity and revealing in its explanation of why so many veterans find themselves struggling alone to adapt to life back in the civilian community. In our cover story, Tony gives us a case study from the US veterans court that could  inspire a different – and more humane – approach to guiding veterans into treatment.

 In this month’s profile, Roland Lamb shares another vision of supporting vulnerable people. ‘One in every 100 Americans is incarcerated… we have broken families… a lot of fragmentation all over the place.’ He talks of getting substance and mental health services to integrate so they can reach out effectively. It’s a cohesive ethos that many UK services are doing their best to foster. Adfam addresses the difficult area of child to parent abuse through a new report and Cinzia Altobelli looks at ways to support clients who are victims of all kinds of domestic abuse. By tackling taboos together, the hidden harmed stand half a chance. [Read more…]