Naloxone news

Martindale Pharma is notifying people in receipt of Prenoxad Injection kits, as well as those involved in their supply, of a temporary change in the labelling to address an historical error. Martindale is keen to reassure people that there is no change to the product’s strength or dosing schedule, and that its effectiveness and method of use also remain unaffected.

Prenoxad Injection is a pre-filled syringe containing naloxone hydrochloride solution, and was the world’s first naloxone product to be licensed for use by non-healthcare professionals in a community setting. While the labelling now shows the strength as 0.91mg/mL rather than 1mg/mL, letters are being sent to users, healthcare professionals and non-medical practitioners stressing that there is no difference to the amount of active ingredient and no additional safety concerns.

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